*Originally Posted: January 1, 2009*

So on the last day of 2008 my good friend Ashley decided that we should make a “bucket list,” you know, all those things we need to do before we kick the bucket!  I figure it is a little more attainable than those resolutions that we write, and ignore, every year.

I thought I’d post my “bucket list,” so that I can always go back to it and make sure I’ve got my affairs in order before I head upstairs to have a brew with God (there’s beer in Heaven, right?).  My necessities are in no particular order, and I hope it inspires you to have your own list.


Caty’s Bucket List

  1. Graduate with a BA
  2. Graduate with a MA in something
  3. Sing the National Anthem at a Giant’s game
  4. Visit every continent
  5. Live outside the US for at least 3 months (consecutively…)
  6. Fall in lllllllooooooove
  7. Fly an airplane
  8. See the pyramids
  9. Spend a ridiculous amount of money… in the malls of Dubai
  10. Have a ridiculously romantic vacation on the Amalfi Coast of Italy
  11. Visit Slovenia and thank my ancestors for my good looks 😉
  12. Do the same in Ireland
  13. Get excited for, and enjoy, Christmas
  14. Publish MY book
  15. Publish my Maritime Piracy paper
  16. Love myself, and become my own favorite company
  17. Own this bracelet.
  18. Write lyrics to, sing, and record an amazing song
  19. Kids.  Ugh… someday before I kick it, I will want them
  20. Work on a Habitat for Humanity project
  21. Score the cover of a magazine