One day a few weeks ago I read on Facebook that my friend Will was in need of some models for his final project at the Academy of Art.  Being the aspiring model, and good friend, that I am I offered to partake.  After a couple weeks of planning and several very detailed emails (Will, you are the most organized photographer that I’ve worked with thus far…), we finally set the date – Sunday April 19, 2009 at Imagina Photo + Video in San Mateo.

First of all the studio was incredibly easy to get to, and there was ample parking as well.  Kudos to you, Will, for finding such an amazing space!  Also, Mario, the owner & resident photographer was absolutely awesome!  He was just as stoked about the project as we were and was very helpful & hospitable.  Thanks Mario!!  

Studio Website:

What I really enjoyed about this shoot is that it was something that I’ve never personally done before.  It was very conceptual and Will knew EXACTLY what he wanted.  It was nice, because I didn’t feel like there was a ton of pressure on me to direct the shoot.  He knew the poses, the expressions, the wardrobe, and the makeup… I just had to execute.  Which I did and hopefully in a way that will work for the project!  We got a ton of work done in a mere 3.5 hours, and I learned how to paint my face with liquid makeup AND apply false eyelashes too.

I think its going to turn out great!  I’ve only seen some teaser shots, but I know that once the 2nd draft gets turned in and Will has some time to sleep that I’ll get to see more.  It was awesome to get a different type of experience, and some ridiculously cool shots from a new perspective.  Once I get the photos back I’ll be updating my portfolio with my favorites.  So c’mon back and let me know what you think!!

For now, I leave you with me, in all my Oompa-Loompa-Aboriginish glory.



PowderPuff Oompa-Loompa

PowderPuff Oompa-Loompa

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