*Originally Posted:  January 31, 2009*

I haven’t entirely been M.I.A…. the internet that I “use” has been down, so I haven’t been able to publish anything!  And I had this great entry all typed up yesterday and then iWeb chose to freeze on me and delete everything.  Boooooo…


But here is what I have been thinking for the past few days.  This economy is the, “screamin’ craps,” (as Coach Stroh would say…) and I get it and I can feel it.  I’ve watched my office that has grown 600% over the past three years have to cut people that they never expected to.  My hometown is struggling with 14% unemployment, and I myself almost lost my job the other day.  I’m stressed, sick & overworked but I can’t take a minute away because I’m terrified to lose the little income that I have.  


At the same time I don’t see how things have gotten so bad that one can consider taking their life and the lives of their family.  I mean we all have heard stories of the Great Depression, and how many stockbrokers of the time committed suicide the day the stock market crashed.  It saddens me that Americans haven’t learned that suicide is not, and is never, the answer.  Moreover, the murder of one’s family and then said suicide seems so far out of place to me, but its been happening more and more…


Last week the world lost a family of 7 in California, and a family of 4 in Ohio.  Do things really get that bad, that someone would actually murder their own child rather than find a lesser paying job?  They would murder their spouse because their health insurance is gone for a minute?  I don’t get it.  I’m not judging by any means because we all get it rough spots, but for some reason I can’t seem to justify the aforementioned actions.  


We all go through our strife, and some days are better than others.  But thats exactly why we have our friends and families – to support us in our times of need.  One of the  stories that my great-grandmother passed on to me was of how during the 1930’s, people banded together to help one another out.  The knew that there would be an end to the crisis, and we came out a stronger nation and society because of the bonds that were formed.


I really hope that as the recession deepens we don’t hear any more stories like that.  I hope that people can take 10 seconds to think and remember that our economic crisis will end eventually, and that people will not come back once the trigger has been pulled.


To those whose lives were lost – God bless and rest in peace.  To those who took those lives – I really wish you had better weighed out the options.  


This too shall pass – its just a matter of time.