So Its been a pretty eventful weekend!  Kicked things off Friday evening with a little A’s action with some girl friends!  Girl talk, an 18-pack, hot-dogs, & a fireworks show was pretty much just what the doctor ordered. So after we get Tori’s MOM to take us to the game, we had Carrie’s DAD pick us up after the embarrassing lost (8-2, really??), and drive us to good ole McGee’s so we could continue our trek to wastedland.  Classy, right?  We walk in and turn some heads (as always), and then somehow word leaks out that the pitcher from Tampa Bay was at the bar.  In a twisted turn of events Carrie’s Dad ends up introducing the charmer to the 4 of us.  

At first it was all small talk… “OMG you went to St. Joe’s too??”  and that type of thing.  But then he starts saying stuff that was just… wrong?  Talking about how his 5 year old daughter is “hot” and that it was a bummer that the masseuse with tiggle bitties was friends with his wife.  :/  Yeah I was over that… my first “celebrity” encounter and I’m chalking it up to being lame just cause of douchey drunk talk.  Regardless I had an absolute BLAST with Tori, Carrie & Nina and I cannot WAIT for our next excursion.  🙂


Boom Boom Pow!

Boom Boom Pow!


Yesterday was the first day that I actually woke up on a weekend before 12pm.  🙂  I managed to crawl out of bed at 11:30… with no hangover, mind you.  Took a shower and went… shopping?

Yup.  With all that money that I don’t have I went and found Shiloh a pretty kick-ass present.  I mean, what 7-year-old wouldn’t want a book on how to draw dinosaurs??? It was sweet.  Combine that with some markers & a wind-up robot and I knew I’d be winning the popularity contest.  Then I wandered through Nine West.  I didn’t want to buy anything but I found these adorable espadrilles that were only $29.99!  Man I love the recession!  I really couldn’t resist.  They go beautifully with my long black jersey skirt that I got last weekend… Now I just need a cool belt to tie it all together.  hmmm…

Ok – back to Saturday – I baked a Kahlua cake, took the puppy-face on a walk, and then went to the gym.  Here’s what gets me about the gym… I go work out, and then I’m starving after!  I end up eating back all the calories that I burned.  Probably doesn’t help that I’m craving cheese & chocolate like no other, but still!  Its like… all that work for nothing?? Damn…


And God said on the 7th day that we shall… Model! 

I had a crazy photoshoot today but I loved every minute of it!  I modeled for the Digital Days Photography Workshop which is a class that travels around to 18 cities in the US annually.  It’s curriculum is oriented towards beginner & intermediate photographers and it is sponsored by Sony and Popular Photography magazine.  All the photographers that I spoke to really enjoyed the courses and said that the instructors were really helpful as well… check it out if you want!

Back to the shoot.  After meeting with the director a couple of other models and myself were taken into the Embarcadero conference room at the Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf where there were 3 stations set up with multiple lights & a generic backdrop.  The director picked which clothes he wanted us to wear – I got to start wearing this magenta spaghetti strapped cocktail dress that had a ton of sparkles and sequins embroidered into it.  Once we got back to the room it was like, “you’re here… you’re there… aaaaaand action!”  Tons of photographers flooded the room and immediately I was standing in front of like 30 people who were all taking pictures at once.

It was kinda weird at first, and then suddenly very cool.  I seriously felt like a movie star.  🙂  The challenge was with posing and making sure the light was still working properly.  Also to make sure to give each photographer some attention too.  It was such an awesome experience and I really hope I was able to give some of these newer photographers some good shots for their portfolios.  Of course… we exchanged email addresses, and so I should be getting some photos in return.  I can’t wait to see them!  I’m so happy to have met the people that I did, and to have been able to get this experience.  It was super fun and you know I’ll be doing it again.

After the shoot I grabbed some lunch with a couple of photographers, and then headed back East for Shiloh’s birthday extravaganza!  Holy bajeezus Dioni went all out… I walk over to Uncle Johnny’s and there are like 30 people there with balloons hanging, and hot-dogs grilling, and a gigantic jump room for all the kiddies!  Seriously!!  How cool is Dioni that she’d rent a jump room for Shi???  OMGosh that kid had the time of his life!  Anyways… it was a nice way to relax and wind down.  All though I ate wayyy too many cupcakes & chicken nuggets.  🙂  Oops… 


Boyz Bein' Boyz...

Boyz Bein' Boyz...



D loves her rent-a-dog.  :)

D loves her rent-a-dog. 🙂


kisses!! except we missed the camera... haha

kisses!! except we missed the camera... haha



Much love to ya’ll!  Talk to you this week!