I can’t exactly remember when “reality TV” burst onto the scene, but ever since then its been an infatuation for most of America.  Combine that with this new generation of Web 2.0 and our obsession with “celebrity” and “reality” has grown to unprecedented heights.

Its sick, and I realized today that I’m addicted.

I came into work this morning and started going through my routine websites while calling.  While checking out People.com, I suddenly asked myself, “why do I even care?”  I mean really… why do I care about these reality characters from some superficial & super-fake show called, “The Hills?”  (Sorry Liz, I know you love it…)  Does it really make that much of an impact in my life that Salma Hayek had a 2nd wedding?  And why is it important that I know that Courtney Love called out Pamela Anderson on the fact that she apparently can’t get a credit card?

No freakin’ wonder that I feel like my brain has turned to mush.

I am not entirely sure how it got so bad, but I feel like there has to be better things on the internet that just these ridiculous sites.  At the same time I find myself scouring the usual suspects:  Perez, Pink is the New Blog, PopSugar, GeekSugar, Facebook, Twitter, and CNN.  Its sickening how much time I waste, and how many brain cells seem to expire on my quest to know the latest celebrity news.  Last night I couldn’t even sleep until I had checked Perez!  I finally told myself, “Caty, there will be more to read on Monday morning if you don’t read any now…”  And that helped.

Whatever though, I’m calling it a day.  I’ve enlisted in a website called Keep Me Out to help me break the habit of mindless celebrity stalking.  It essentially puts a block on whatever websites that I assign to it, so I can only check them once every 60 minutes.  So far it seems to have helped, though I do have a headache from craving the knowledge of which Jonas Brother hooked up with Miley Cyrus last.  Just kidding.

At any rate, I need new websites so please give me some ideas.  Gizmodo has made itself into my rotation along with BBC news and the Christian Science Monitor.  I welcome any other ideas though. 🙂

Now if only I could find a software to help me kick my addiction to Goldfish Crackers next… mmmm….