… the idea of her, “legal defense fund.”

Granted all the articles that I’ve seen in the media claim that this fund is being set up by supporters, and that its going to be transparent, and that donations will be capped at $150, and blah blah blah… I still do not think it is right.  Girl needs to pony up and figure out a way to pay for it herself like normal people do!!!

I mean, personally, if I managed to produce enough drama that I would need to cover a half a million dollars in legal bills then I should be able to find my own way out of the situation, right?  Without enlisting the help of my constituents who already don’t have enough money to go around… And I get that she’s not the first politician to create a fund like this.  I read that former President Clinton had a legal defense fund as well as a couple of other politicians, and I don’t agree that they should have had those either.

Obviously being in the public eye will always draw both types of media attention, and I do believe that in some cases the media does attack a public figure more than necessary.  It has been my experience, however, that the legal system doesn’t usually prosecute someone with such force unless there is substantial evidence.

So what do you think… is it right for politicians and other members of public service to ask people to donate their money in order to cover their legal bills?  My personal opinion is no.

You can find a bunch of media articles on it by using Google, or you can check it out the official Alaska Fund Trust site.  Rumor has it that Govenor Palin herself is supposed to announce a state sponsored version of this fund at some point… I still have yet to find that speech.