Hello folks!

Well… I have new hair again!  The photoshoot isn’t until Monday the 18th, but there’s been a lot of going back and forth to the salon to make sure the right look is achieved.  The stylist wasn’t feeling the blonde chunks so much, and asked the colorist to make my hair “richer.”  Richer tuned into redder and now I’d consider my new hair color to be somewhere along the lines of chocolate covered cherries.  I don’t have great pictures, but you can check it out the ones from my late-night BART photoshoot last night.

Bringin' Sassy Back

Bringin' Sassy Back

Another look...

Another look...

Now for the goods – my thoughts on social networking.  In December 2004 my best friend Danny (who lived in Arizona at the time) called me and goes, “Dude you have to join this thing online.  We can be friends and keep in touch better!”

“OK,” I say, “what is it?”

“Its called Myspace.  And basically you create a profile, and you can add pictures and friends.  People can leave you comments, and its the easiest way ever to keep in touch!”

So I give in… and I join.  Now, 4 1/2 years later, I am a member of not only MySpace but Facebook, Twitter, Model Mayhem, Doostang, Linkdin, the Sugar Network, and probably 20 other sites that I’ve already forgotton about.

Its interesting to think about how social networking has drastically changed our society.  Its become a mechanism that helps to foster relationships between long lost friends and relatives, and has also been a platform for some of the most grusome of crimes.  Its become an inspiration for T-Shirt designs, (I’m referring to the “You were cuter on MySpace” tee I saw at the mall a few years ago), and it has helped to grow our uncontrollable infatuation with celebrity.  Now if I’m curious as to what Ashton Kutcher, or Shaquille O’Neal, or Lady GaGa are thinking about… I can just log onto Twitter and see their thoughts as soon as they post them.  I mean, didn’t Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer break up because he Twittered too much?

Social networking hasn’t just infiltrated my computer… its infiltrated my cell phone as well.  Being a proud iPhone owner I absolutely love the fact I have a gazillion apps to choose from to fit my needs.  HOWEVER… the Twitterfon and Facebook for iPhone apps do take up a large chunk of my time as I find myself checking for new Tweets and other information at all hours of the day.  I was even reading an article on CNN today (on my iPhone no less) about mixing social networking into your professional life.  I thought it was interesting how spending more than 1 hour a day on social networking sites can be very detrimental to your work productivity and personal relationships.  It made me laugh, because really, soooo many people spend much longer than an hour a day on Facebook.  I for one am guilty.

I guess I just wonder when enough is enough.  I’m pretty good about being conservative with what types of photos and how much information is revealed on my social networking sites, but even still I feel the mystery of “me” is gone.  If anyone were to do a quick Google search on my name they’d immediately find my website (leftover from my Apple days), my blog, the link to my online portfolio on Model Mayhem, along with some other articles that have my name mentioned.  Literally nothing is mysterious, and its no wonder why people use social networking to seek out the mystery in people they don’t know.

At the same time I see where these sites can be beneficial in promoting yourself.  The whole reason I’m on Model Mayhem is so I can connect with photographers and book more modeling/commercial jobs.  One of my good friends is a musician and though he hasn’t touched his personal MySpace page in months, he frequents his MySpace Music page often to promote his music to other users and industry professionals.  These sites also help people find jobs and screen potential employees.

So I guess I really don’t know.  I feel like I’m over thinking this and watching my argument go round and round in circles (NOT a good thing).  On the one hand social networking is really starting to scare me, because at any instance someone out there can find anything they want about me.  They can see my photos and who I’m friends with.  They can read about my dramas and my loves, and my daily gripes.  On the other I see social networking as such a strong tool.  I would have never found this hair modeling gig and connected with the photographers that I know had it not been for MM.  My own company just produced a webinar on the benefits of social networking to B2B businesses, so I know that its not really as bad as I’m making it out to be.

Anyways.  There’s my ramblings for the day… Is social networking detrimental or beneficial?  Or both?

Have a great Wednesday!