First of all…  MAY-JAHHH Congrats to my people getting outta college this year:  Kari K., Raveen V., Barrett H., Mary M., Armand A., Sim H. – the job market sucks, but the world is still your oyster! Go get ’em!!

Now for what I really meant to say…

I really really want to travel.  It seems like every day I come into work and I’m bored by 9am (I come in at 7 – don’t judge!).  I find myself looking through the same websites that, again, don’t hold my attention for very long until I move into a new bookmarks folder titled: Travel Sites.  It never fails… searching for new deals, checking out photos of beautiful places, scouring my calendar for the perfect set of days that I can afford to be off…

I’ve got this itch… and literally it sometimes feels like an itch… to travel.  I can’t get it out of my head, and I can’t shake this nagging need to get the eff out!  And it happens about every 6 months or so.  Considering I was in Honolulu in February this year, I’m about due for a new adventure.  My problem is deciding what ‘type’ of vacation to take.  As much as I love the relaxing beachy vacations, I’m kinda ready for a new urban adventure.  I’ve been crushing HARD on Sydney & Perth, Australia for awhile… but now my European roots are starting to get at me too.  According to the legends a very long time ago someone from Slovenia kick started my crazy family, so I’ve been wanting to get back to Eastern Europe to check it out!  Especially since those states are relatively stable now, and a stones throw from Italy, I’m highly considering a venture to Ljubljana, Slovenia as well.

I did a quick Expedia search and found a ticket from SFO to LJU for $764 RT!  I’m sure that doesn’t include most of the fees, but still… ridiculously cheap!  Combine that with some hotels priced at $500 euro TOTAL for a 7 night stay and I’m thinking that this little adventure just might be doable.  Geeus… Ljubljana or Sydney… how does one choose???  Can someone out there just give me a job to fly myself around the world on the cheap and then write about it??

Anyways I’m gonna get back to calling, but here are a few pictures that I found of Ljubljana so you can see what I’m talking about.  Happy weekend!!


PS)  Any feedback or suggestions of cool, random places to go are greatly welcomed and appreciated in the comments section!!  🙂

Map of Ljubljana (From:

Map of Ljubljana (From: