So its been a quick minute since I’ve posted something of interest. I look in my drafts folder and I have like 3 different posts started, but I haven’t had time to finish them yet!

A likely story, right?? So what’s new with me… I just got my first ticket EVER because of a hidden “no left turn” sign on Santa Clara Ave. I’m kinda bitter, but whatever… the ice has been broken and I’m not perfect anymore.

It has been a long long long week at the office today. I’ve been having difficulties focusing on calling, and my dreams of wanderlust are still ever present. Despite the fact I booked tickets to both New Orleans and Sydney (!!!!!) I still can’t get my head out of the clouds. Next week will be better though.

Lots of prayers and condolences to the lives that were lost on Air France Flight 447. I hope that investigators can find some sort of resolution for the families, but at the same time I expect that they won’t find much.

Anyways I know its not much, but I hope its a little something to tide you over until the weekend. I’ll get inspired and write something good. For real reals.