So I realized that in all my hustle and bustle I forgot to give ya’ll some details on Sydney.

WHY I DECIDED TO GO:  Anyone who knows me, or reads this blog, is aware that I’m wanderlusting like woah right now.  Though I was considering Prague & Ljubljana, Slovenia as possible options I seriously had a burning desire to visit Australia that I just couldn’t shake.  I had to go with my heart on this one, and can I just tell you?  It felt really really good to buy those tickets.  I plan on writing about the trip & reviewing the places I go on Next Stop.  I’m hoping that some “fresh air” (i.e.: trips out of the USA) will help clear my head and shed some light on my quest to figure out what I want to do with my life.  Have I told you that my career choice this week is to be a travel agent &/or travel writer?  

WHEN I’M HEADED OUT:  Liz (one of my besties from college) and I will be headed to Sydney on October 14th and will be returning October 23rd.  Only 9 days gone… which leaves a solid 7 days in Australia… but that time frame seemed to work best for us as she is starting a new job and could only commit to a few days away.  We’re staying in a super nice hostel (sounds like an oxy-moron, I know), and as of right now there are 2 more beds available in our room.  So, if I know you personally, and you want to come… let me know! 🙂

FYI, This is Liz.

FYI, This is Liz.

WHAT WE’RE GONNA DO:  We haven’t exactly picked an itinerary yet, but after looking at photos from Lindsey & Andrew’s trip we know that some hiking & a photo op in front of the Opera House is in order.  We’ve mentioned some day trips, but I’m thinking I’d kinda like to just solidly do Sydney for a week.  Maybe one day into the Outback would be cool… I really need to hug a Koala while I’m there as well.  As I said earlier, I plan on purchasing a pocket video camera to document the trip, but that is all that I know right now.  Any suggestions??  On both the camera and things to do in Sydney…

Can’t wait.  Srsly.