Well, ok, not really, but if you’re at all a geek like me then Apple’s WWDC announcements sure felt like Christmas!

I am super excited for iPhone 3.0 and the iPhone 3GS this summer!  I’ll probably wait a bit before I pick one up (I am a veteran of 2 iPhone launches… no way am I waiting in those lines!), but I’m super stoked to do so.

I honestly think that my favorite feature is the way it combines to MobileMe to provide added support and protection.  The “Find My iPhone” feature will be super helpful in itself, but I think the added value is the ability to immediately wipe all personal data off of the phone if it gets lost is the greatest thing!  I’m not one for losing my phone, but I can’t tell you how many people came to me at the Genius Bar asking what they could do about their data.  Wow I am so incredibly excited about this…

I didn’t pay much attention to the Snow Leopard announcements, but I’m sure that Apple won’t disappoint.  They never do.  🙂

Ahhhhhh lots lots lots of geek love over here today!!! ❤