I’m pretty sure that Apple, again, has answered my prayers.  Obviously with the iPhone 3.0 firmware and iPhone 3GS hardware has me crazy, but they slipped in a little “side note” that I didn’t see earlier… They’re allowing subscribed calendars to be viewed on the iPhone!!!

Omg I’m so excited for this… I think I was just complaining to a friend the other day about how annoying it was not to have subscribed calendars.  This article seriously just made my day.  I really need to update my phone to 3.0 now… haha.

In other news… I’ve actually just published my own Apple related article.  My company just launched a new business-services website, and part of my job now is to research and submit articles from time to time.  I decided to write about CRM tools for Macs (or the lack thereof), and I think I did a pretty good job.  For the most part people seem to like it, and I even got my CEO to send me a direct “nice job!” email.  That’s a highlight for sure… 🙂

Check out the article here, and please feel free to rate it or leave a comment!

One last thing – Kayt & Alex are having an amazing time in England!  Check out their blog… Alex is totally gonna have to help me with a cool template once he comes home.  Also, Ashley has been posting some BEAUTIFUL pictures of her vacation abroad.  Cinque Terre & Paris anyone???  Man I’m jealous…