So I found this new site courtesy of GeekSugar called Hunch.  Hunch cracks me up, because, supposedly the site is supposed to help you make better decisions.  To start off you answer a series of random questions so that the site can “learn you,” and then you ask a question.

The first question I asked was something to the effect of, “what should I be when I grow up,” and the wizard told me that I should be either a Philanthropist, Scientist, Doctor, or Pharmacist.   I immediately X-ed out numbers 2 and 4, but other than that it wasn’t bad.  So a 50% on that one.

The second question… the dreaded “Am I in Love?”  Hahahahaa… That one gave me tons of lols and head shakes.

The third question… “Should I start a Business?”  This was met with a resounding %99 NO, but figured out that its because I answered the questions in my current mindset.  For example – when I ACTUALLY start a business, I will have a business plan.  I don’t know what that is today, but someday I know that I’ll have one.

Sidenote: And this relates to Hunch Quiz #1 – I’ve had thoughts of Chiropractic school popping into my head for the past couple of days.  Any feedback on this one?  I feel like I spent my whole life swearing that I’d never be my Mom & Dad, and guess what… each day I feel like more and more I’m turning into them.

And the last quiz I took (because at this point I REALLY needed to start doing some work) was where it listed some of the places that I need to visit before I die.  First of all, the places seemed cool:

  1. Petra in Arabah, Ma’an Governorate, Jordan
  2. il Duomo in Florence, Italy
  3. Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England
  4. North Cape, Norway

Funny that the 2nd place happens to be the city that I was supposed to study abroad in back in 2007 (I chickened out.  No story there.).  I thought the other three options were very cool, and not places that I would have thought of before.

At any rate… I’ve passed the site along to at least 3 other friends today, and all seem to be pretty big fans.  Who knows, I think girls just like taking surveys in general… but really the site is pretty fun, and I suppose if you’re serious it could give you some good answers.  Like a virtual Magic 8 Ball except that there’s more to it than that.

Ciao darlings! xoxo