… I’m adding a post!

J/k.  I know its been a minute since I actually wrote something of merit, so I’ll try and put up some entertainment for your reading pleasure today.

So I spent a good portion of yesterday finding some new(-ish) music while nursing my sunburn, and there’s an artist that I’ve grown quite fond of in the past 24 hours:  Owl City.  The coolest part about this story is that Reese had told me about him last week and showed me that his song, Fireflies, was the current iTunes Free Song of the Week.  Apparently he had worked with the artist at one point, or something like that… but either way it was cool for him to see a colleague that high up on iTunes.

Naturally I forgot about our conversation, but still managed to stumble upon Owl City while doing my own parusing yesterday afternoon.  And boy was I glad that I did!  I’m such a huge fan of this guy, and Ocean Eyes (the latest album) is utterly fantastic.  His music is so relaxing and mellow, yet charming and uplifting at the same time.  Kinda reminds me of the Postal Service and a couple of other artists that I can’t think of right now.  🙂  So Owl City comes with like a million-star recommendation for me.

What else…

Oh a ridiculous weekend was had by the usual crew in Santa Cruz.  Kayt, Jimmy, Lucy (my puppers), and myself headed to the beach to visit Alex and partake in some good old fashioned beach shenanagans.  We packed a solid luch & beverage selection and headed out to Rio Del Mar beach in Aptos, CA.  Once the clouds moved it turned into a spectacular day for sunning and burning.  There were even sea lions and dolphins playing about 20 feet off the beach!  (Well at least I hope those fins were dolphins…)

We headed back to Alex’s house around five and proceeded to continue the festivities.  Some BBQ steak (Thanks Tyler!), and a power-half-hour-turned-power-75 capped it off for us.  I had a blast… and it was a great way to unwind and prepare for the work week.

So now I’m working andddd… yeah.  You know how I feel about my current situation.  🙂  Someone tell me what to do with my life so I stop feeling like I’m wasting time!!!