I’m so terribly sad right now.

I came into work this morning and the first thing I get is a not so nice email from my manager for some stupid BS reason.  So I set about my daily duties, and begin to read the blogs that I read.  Sadly, on page 2 of Perez Hilton I find that Sam the Koala had passed away do to complications of Chlamydia.  Yeah, who knew that Koalas can get Chlamydia?  And the weirder part is that its an ailment that affects 50% of the population!!!  Ick!

Moving on… I became smitten with Sam’s story earlier this year when it was published during the Australian bush fires.  A firefighter had found her in the middle of a forest that had been ravaged by the fires.  Her paws were badly burned, and she was really thirsty!  The video of the firefighter giving her a drink soon became viral, and she became a sensation!  My favorite picture is this one:

So precious!

So precious!

And its been set as the desktop on my computer ever since I read the story!  *sigh*  I’m really bummed out about this one… I was hoping I could meet her when I go to Australia in October.  At any rate… here’s my post for the day.  Rest in peace Sam!  You’ll be missed!!!