1] Two names you go by?
caty & kobes

2] What three things you are wearing right now?
PJ’s, a necklace & the usual diamond earrings


4] Have you ever been given a rose?
mmhmmmm… I feel like every girl has at one point in their life!  and if not, then their Daddy is seriously dropping the ball!

5] have you ever licked a photo?
no… that’s just kinda awkward.

6]Have you ever been in love?
guilty as charged.  🙂

7]Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?
i believe that there are several soul-mates around for everyone.  life has so many unknowns that there can’t only be ONE perfect someone out there for you.  i’ve already lost someone that i thought was my soul mate, so for my sake… there better be more than one out there for everyone!

8] What’s your current problem?
money & vacation time… and my severe lack of both of those things.

9] Have you ever had your heart broken
oh yes.  and its a very big lesson learned every time it happens.

**#10?  Herro??**

11] Do you have a crush?
i do.  🙂  on a very talented, caring, and overall incredible individual.  he is my rock.

12] How many kids do you want to have?
hmmm… at least 2, but i probably won’t be able to afford more than 3.  it totally all depends on how much i like being preggo & a mom tho.

13] Favorite color?
purple & red, but not at the same time!

**where did 14 go?? why do surveys always skip numbers?!**

15] Have you ever found it hard to tell anyone you like them?
i find that its very difficult for me to communicate my emotions and general, but i’m working on it.  every day it gets a little easier, and it helps to be with someone who will call you out on your sh*t when you’re not willing to talk about it.

16] Imagine you’re 40 & your spouse just died would you get re-married?
i’d rather not think about that situation.

**17?  the person who made this survey SUCKS at counting!**

18] What song do you want played at your wedding?
haha… it probably depends on the person that i marry, but the father-daughter dance will be Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top.

19] Are you a dog or cat person??

(I threw that one in there b/c 19 was gone too!)  I’m a dog person.  110%!!

20] Do you think the person(s) you like/ love loves /likes you back?
i’m pretty sure that he does.  i know he likes me a lot, and maybe he loves me?? and maybe i love him back??  only time will tell… 🙂

21] Have you ever wrote a love song/ poem/ letter/ note??
i used to write them a lot, but in the last 5-6 years my words have gotten a lot more painful.  hopefully i can go back to writing love letters someday.  🙂  its easier to write those kinds of notes when you’re more naive about the world you live in.

22] Do you want to get married?
yes! but i only want to do it once, so i’m waiting to make sure that its right.

23] Are you a shy person?
not so much.  i don’t reveal as much as i used to, but i wouldn’t call myself shy.

24] Did you have a good day today?
it just started!  slept in a bit, and now i’m just lounging around with @lucykobe.  trying to avoid doing all the chores that i need to do.

25) Where did you just get back from?
a great night of sleep??

26) What are you thinking about?
how i’m finally hungry (for the 1st time in 3 days!), but that i’m too broke to buy food and i’m not sure what food to eat since i’m at the BF’s house.  this may motivate me to go home sooner as i have costco poppyseed & blueberry muffins waiting for me at home…

27) If you could change one thing about you, what would it be?
this is the token question.  there are lots of things that i’m sure i’d love to change, and a year ago i’d probably have answered this question.  HOWEVER – i’m fairly certain that the things i’d want to fix probably won’t get fixed, so i’m just working on accepting them (and myself) as an individual who is beautiful and awesome rather than wish for something that probably won’t happen.

28) Would you ever go back to any of your past relationships?
hahahahaaaa… as my good friend Ashley says, “there are 2 things you never go back to:  bad jobs, and ex-boyfriends.”  does that answer the question for you??

29) Who’s the closest person/people to you?
i have a lot of close people in my life in several different ways.  hard to choose who the closest is though… hmmmmm.  i do tell @lucykobe everything though.  🙂