I’m not exactly sure how I came across the site 1000 Awesome Things but it truly is a fantastic website dedicated to finding joy in the smallest things in life.  I’ve been trying to keep this principle in mind lately, and have been trying to identify the “awesome things” that I would, under normal circumstances, overlook.  This site has made such an impact for me, that I’ve been telling just about everyone about it.  In fact, one of my boyfriend’s good friends recently left me a message saying:

“i am completely obsessed with 1000 awesome things. thank you ♥”

Truly… a fantastic site, and its inspired me to share some of the, “awesome things,” that I have noticed in the past few weeks.

Passing A Bus: I was driving to work the other morning at my usual time of 6:15am.  At this point in my day I’m still so incredibly sleepy and bitter towards the fact I actually have to wake up and get out of bed at such an ungodly hour that I usually don’t notice much along my drive.  I managed to get stuck behind one of the city busses and was kind of annoyed because, well, being stuck behind a city bus is annoying and I was already running on the later side.  Anyways, we came up on a stoplight that the bus had to stop at.  Normally this would have blocked the intersection, but because there was nobody parked on the side of the road, the bus pulled over far enough and I was able to smoothly pass on the left and continue on my way.

As soon as I made this move around the bus I thought to myself, “YES.  THATTT was an awesome thing.”  And truth be told… being able to pass that bus and catch an earlier BART Train totally made my morning!  You know it.  How many times do you say, “haha!” every time that you’re successful in getting around a bus?

Waking Up to the Rain: It has been hot lately.  Much hotter than normal for the SF Bay Area, and combined with the drought that we’ve been having most of us figured that there wasn’t a shot in hell for rain.  You can imagine my surprise this morning when, at 4am, I was awakened by a loud noise and some flashing lights.  Then, suddenly, there was the most beautiful sound of rain drops hitting the large outdoor umbrella.  My window was open, so the smell of freshly fallen rain wafted into my room along with the mandatory cool breeze.  I smiled, snuggled up a little closer, and feel fast asleep for the next 8 hours per my mandatory, “Sleeping In on Saturdays” routine.

Scoring HUGE on ‘Words With Friends’: I’ve recently become a Scrabble ADDICT.  And I mean ADDICTTTTTT!  It started with me playing Literati online with one of my friends during work, and then I found out about “Words With Friends.”  This game is literally the most amazing thing you can purchase on the iTunes store.  Its an online scrabble game where you can play against your friends (or random people) on your iPhone or iPod Touch.  I’ve currently got 14 different WWF games going on against people that I know on a first name basis, and THAT is what makes it so fun!  There is no time limit, and whenever you open the app there’s always another move to be made against someone!

Anyways we all know those Scrabble games where you cannot find a word to play if your life depended on it.  Then suddenly, after HOURS of studying those same 7 letters, something appears… and that something happens to be played on a triple word score with 2 double letter scores in between.  Example: the word “ZIPS” for 45 points, the word “YEP” for 39 points, and my personal fave… the word “EX” (two ways) amounted to a whopping 54 points!! All for one letter!!!! Yeah… you tell me that isn’t awesome!!!  Ok, maybe I do need ScrabbleRehab…

So check out 1000 Awesome Things.  Really, it just might change your life!! Or if anything, I hope that it inspires you to take a minute and appreciate the small things.  Life moves so fast and its so incredibly easy to get wrapped up in the negative aspects.  I know that I have, and I’m so glad that something as simple as a website flicked the switch in my head to remind myself to notice, and appreciate, the simply awesome things in life.  🙂

Enjoy your Sunday!