In no particular order…

1. Lucy Kobe

2. The smell after it first rains.

3. Love notes attached to my iPhone alarms.

4. Chocolate.

5. Marking twitter spam as SPAM!

6. Johnny Cupcakes.

7. Making cupcakes.

8. Cars with stick shifts.

9. The rumble of my Mustang.

10. My silly house & my tiny family.

11. Waking up sandwiched between the dog & BF.

12. Bookstores.

13. Books in general.  And blank journals too!

14. My birthday.

15. Sipping Italian Thick Dark Chocolate on the ferry from Manly to Sydney.

16. Honesty.

17. Strappy high heels (tho I hate wearing them).

18. Desperate Housewives & Project Runway.

19. Giggling with Grammy.

20. Giggling with Grandma.

21. Inpromptu photoshoots.

22. Reading post secrets, and wishing I were brave enough to send one.

23. Mixed media art.

24. Photos of baby animals.

25. Australia.