So I’ve had a couple of successful yet unsuccessful baking days that I need to fill you in on.  However, I don’t have all the evidence with me, so I promise to write a more lengthier entry later.  Teaser: The main topics to be covered are disgusting flat, yet delicious oatmeal raisin cookies and an uber-gigantic cupcake.  🙂

On the plus I’ve discovered a WONDERFUL new blog called Not So Humble Pie.  The author’s posts are entertaining, and the recipes seem easy enough.  What’s more is that her photos are BEAUTIFUL.  I am drooling all over myself everytime I stop by.

I’ve also got a couple of things coming up:

1) Belly Dance classes!! My lovely friend got me hooked on the classes.  Its really low impact and fun, and you leave with such a great feeling about yourself.  You feel all… hott and amazing and ready to tackle the world!

2) Photoshoots!!  I’ve got one for sure lined up with a a sweet photographer whom I’ve worked with on several occasions.  Should be really fun, and will hopefully provide some good portfolio shots.  There’s a second one that the photographer and I have the concept nailed down… its just finding the props and the proper location and timing.  EITHER WAY… should be really cool.

3) Chocolate!! There’s a fabulous bakery in SF called Baking Arts and I’ve been a fan of their work since I first stumbled upon their website.  Luckily for me… they have classes available, and I’m excited to say that I’m going to participate in their Introductory Chocolate class in the early part of February.  I really want to learn about the chocolate properties and how to manipulate it in order to add depth to my own repitoire!

So yes… this spring should be fun and interesting!  And now, some adorable photos for your entertainment pleasure!

Teeheehee! Cutest thing ever!

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