So my birthday was NOTHING short of amazing this year!  Thank you SO MUCH to all my amazing friends & family for all the calls, texts, tweets, comments, drinks, & dinners over last weekend.  Really, its nothing like a birthday to let you know how loved you really are!!! ❤

My Beautiful Cake from my Seeeesterrrr!!!

I ❤ my flowers... My favorite colors too! 🙂

Surprisingly, I got more gifts this year than I ever have before!  I’m not complaining, but I feel the need to give you a review on a couple things because I’m finding that they’re ABSOLUTELY essential to every day life.

1. The Magic Bullet

So I technically got this a couple of days after my day as an afterthought from my amazing BF, but regardless, nobody should be without!  Obviously you can be boring and only make smoothies with it, but I’ve found a couple of other uses that make it a must-have gadget this week.  Salad dressings, flavored butters, pestos, sauces… I really have yet to find a day where I can’t use this thing.  I have heard some negative feedback about the manufacturers & how you can’t order replacement parts, so for the time being I’m just going to make sure I don’t break it.  🙂  But really, its fantastic, and even if the company does suck its still worth it to have fresh & different salad dressings for lunch every day!

2. Verdun Chocolates

Let me stop for a second and just say, “wow.”  These chocolates are INCREDIBLE!  The company is from Lebanon and they opened their first US shop in Portland a little while ago.  The BF’s parents gave me a box of these incredible treasures!!  I’m MESMERIZED by their packaging… These chocolates aren’t like your traditional box of Godiva or See’s where each piece is laid out in a tray and you have to guess.  With Verdun,  each piece is individually wrapped in a pretty foil and there is a paper map telling you what shape & color is what.  There are many different colors and shapes! When you open the box it looks like you’re opening up a toy box full of jewels.  I don’t even want to eat them because they’re so pretty!  But then I do… and oh man, its SUCH a different flavor.  I don’t know how to explain it, but they seem earthier & most of the chocolates are mixed with nuts rather than a cream or ganache like in the US.  They just seem fresh, and they don’t weigh you down.  You can revel in the taste of the treat rather than immediately wonder how you’re hips are going to look after.

3. Parisienne by YSL

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Most of you know that I collect perfume, and if you didn’t, well you do now.  🙂  One of my good friends actually sells perfumes in department stores and came up with a clever way to surprise me!  She got me a cute brown bag, and when I opened it up I found that it was FILLED with perfumes, lotions, and other samples.  I’ve found many new favorites, but the one that has really stuck with me is Parisienne by YSL.  Its an amazingly floral, yet fresh scent that wears remarkably well.  I’ve been in love with Mademoiselle by Chanel for the last couple of years, and while its still a tried and true favorite, I have been wearing Parisienne non stop since last weekend!  The nice thing is that I think its a scent that translates well for all age groups, so you could always share it as a gift for someone if you yourself do not wear womens perfume.

Anyways… those are my 3 must-haves of the minute!!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have been!Yay for birthdays and best friends!!!