I gave into my cravings and went to Godiva today.  I wanted to try out some random truffles to see what the flavor combination was all about, and see how I could replicate those flavors in my own kitchen.  What I didn’t expect was the price tag… yes Godiva is pricey, and yes truffles tend to be the priciest of all, but $11 for 5 truffles?? REALLY?!

Then it got me thinking… I brought home 22 truffles after my truffle class last weekend.  That was about $50 worth of chocolate that I gave away to my coworkers because I didn’t want to eat it myself!  Ridiculous!!  I think I’m going to be doing a lot of thinking about chocolates and truffles in the future.  I mean, I love chocolate.  The whole premise of my theoretical confectionary shop is based on chocolate.  But I could delve in some more… Do you see where my mind is going with this?  If not, think a little bit harder. 🙂

Anyways, of the 5 I took home with me I ended up trying the champagne truffle.  After a mishap with champagne cupcakes (NO FLAVOR!), I was hesitant, and pleasantly surprised to find that the ganache had a SOLID champagne flavor.  Now I’m on the hunt for lessons in infusing alcohol with ganache, as well as pastry schools too.

Love.  My.  Life.
😀 ❤

PS – Creating a 2-tier lemon goodness cake to feed 20-30 people this weekend.  Wish me luck!