Hiiiiiii friendsssss!

I realize that I’m a bit hit or miss on my posts as of late, and I’m sorry.  🙂

I’ve got some decisions to make, and would loveee your feedback.  First of all, as you are aware, I bake.  I hope to someday turn this hobby into a profession of sorts (lots of ideas going on there).  I’m curious to see if I should continue this blog as a random place for all my thoughts,  if I should focus it into something more structured (i.e.: A blog based on baking), or if I should create an entirely separate blog for my baking adventures and keep this one for my raves and rants.

What do you think?

Secondly… as for postings.  My goal is to post one thing a week.  I also have a goal to bake one thing a week, so there is a chance that the postings & baking could coincide.  I did recently start a new job, so I have been busy with learning the ropes, and I’ve also been working on a travel-related blog with my friend Chelsea (check it out here).  And that is my poor excuse for why I haven’t posted lately.  I apologize, and I will work on that, because the 3 of you that read this thing make me really happy.

Okok, back to work now.