Yesterday I learned that May 19th (ahem, yesterday) is National Devil’s Food Cake day. In honor of this blessed event, I just knew that I had to bake something. I mean, its a holiday, right? You have to bake for a holiday!

In order to bolster my argument, I quickly posted to my Facebook, asking if anyone wanted to come over for dessert. Because, you know, you especially have to bake if someone is coming over for dessert! The following conversation ensued (please note the time stamps):

Ridiculous. I love my friends!!

I started looking over recipes, and quickly settled on Smitten Kitchen’s Chocolate Souffle Cupcakes with Mint Cream. Now I fully realize that these are not actual “Devil’s Food” cupcakes, but trust me, they’re equally rich, sinful, and I’m pretty sure the devil would love them too. 🙂

One of the main reasons I chose to use this recipe is because it only makes a dozen cupcakes. I mean, there were only 2 of us eating dessert so I figured that I shouldn’t bake an arsenal of cupcakes. The recipe can be a little intimidating with all the whipping of egg yolks, then beating of egg whites, and then folding of the batter, followed by the “DON’T SMASH THE BATTER” warnings… but really, its so easy. Even Ms. Smitten herself admits it… it just look it over a couple of times before you get started.

The results? Amazing. These decadent mini-souffle/flourless chocolate cake masterpieces are an absolute obsession. Incredibly rich, yet so very light. I’m pretty sure its the White-Chocolate Mint Cream (oh yes!) that helps with that sensation, but regardless… these are to die for!

Here’s the recipe again… And here’s my last minute iPhone photo of these spectacularly yummy treats!

Sinnnnnfully good eats. 🙂

PS) You’ll notice the cream looks a little heavier than normal whipped cream does… that’s because of the melted chocolate in the cream. If you want something a bit lighter in texture, omit the chocolate and add a bit of vanilla flavoring & sugar to sweeten.