My boyfriend sent me the link to this great picture the other day…

Dear Monday

(Photo from here)

We figured out the blog that had posted this photo, and then ultimately figured out its true home. THXTHXTHX is the rightful owner of this lovely piece of advice, and the blog itself is one woman’s exercise in daily gratitude. Reading through her thank you notes really forced me to take a step back and helped get a handle on all the overwhelmed-ness  that I’d been feeling lately. I highly suggest taking a stroll through her blog. It really helps you to see the glass 1/2 full.

Here’s my gratitude for today:

Dear Eyes,

Thank you for hurting soooo much when I look at my work computer, that it forces me to go outside and walk around for a bit during the day. It’s nice to feel the sunshine.



What’s your gratitude for today?