Do you ever have one of those days where your mind is just completely blown and you can’t do anything at all but just ride the wave? That’s kinda how today is. Its been so incredibly random, but not in a good way either.

So to get my mind off of things, I’m going to talk about my cupcake projects for this weekend. I have 2 graduations to do… one I was actually asked to do, and one I’m bringing cuppies as a gift. So, Mr Jakk, if you’re reading this now you should just stop, ok.


No seriously Brandon… you’re done now. 🙂

Mary’s Cupcakes

My sweet friend Mary is graduating from her Master’s program at Stanford this weekend. I’m not entirely sure what the program is called, but I know that after all is said and done she’s going to be one of the best High School English teachers that there ever was!!

Mary! (On the left, obvs...)

She asked me awhile back to do some cupcakes for her graduation party, and of course I was happy to oblige. She was pretty adamant that she didn’t want the traditional mortarboard and diploma look for her party, so we went with the teacher theme and came up with a few cute ideas.  Ultimately Mary fell in LOVE with this design from Karen Tack’s latest book What’s New, Cupcake?


(Photo from here)

This photo is one of the Customer Photos from Amazon, but you get an idea as to what they’re supposed to look like, right?  There’s another way to approach this design too.  In the book, Tack suggests halving a mini-doughnut, adding it to the top of the cupcake,  and then frost whole thing and cover in sanding sugar. This method adds a bit more oomph to the cupcake and makes it look a bit more realistic. Like so…

All they need is a stem and a leaf!

(Photo from here)

As you can see these apples have more of a Red Delicious shape, but I’m not sure how I feel about biting into buttercream, a doughnut, ANDDD a cupcake all in one bite. We shall see what the final product looks like… Cupcakes are due at Mary’s party on Sunday at 5pm, so you’ll know after then!

Brandon’s Cupcakes

My crazy friend Brandon is also graduating this weekend! He’s going to be receiving his Bachelor’s in Computer Science from CSU East Bay. Such a smartie pants, right?? Best part? A few weeks ago he totally got honored for being one of the top students in his department. Way to go B!

Boy Genius. Srsly.

Brandon did not request these cupcakes at all… I’m choosing to make them as a gift. And since he has no say in the matter he IS going to end up with traditional mortarboard and diploma because I think it’s going to be fun to make grad hats out of fondant. 🙂

Maybe they’ll look something like this???

Imagine the hat in red...

(Photo from here)

Orrrrr maybe I’ll ditch the grad theme, and make something geeky like these?

Space invaders! Holla!

(Photo from here)

There’s so many different directions that this could turn out. I guess its just going to depend on my mood on Friday evening… muahahahahaha!!

So that’s my gameplan for the weekend… OH, FYI, this is also going to be the first time that I am baking out of my fully-licensed health department-certified kitchen as well! It’s going to cost an arm and a leg, but its one step closer to being a fully licensed treat provider. Yay! Go OmNom Treats!!