My great grandpa was one of the kindest people you would ever hope to meet. He was always available for hugs and laughs, and always showed up at every basketball game. Unfortunately the past couple of years weren’t too kind to him, and he passed away on July 1st after battling dementia.

Miss you Grandpa!

We all knew it was time to for him to go, so rather than make his passing a depressing event my mom & Auntie decided to throw him a birthday party instead. (His birthday was August 10th) This weekend I’ll be traveling up north to my hometown to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday and his life with several members of my family and our friends.

You definitely can’t have a birthday without cake, so my mom asked if I wouldn’t mind baking some treats for the party. After a few weeks of deliberation I finally decided that I was going to do a bunch of cupcakes with a smaller cake sitting on top of the tower. Grandpa was a huge sports fan, so I decided that a ball-cap shaped cake decorated to support the LA Dodgers (ew!) would be a fitting tribute.

I did quite a bit of research and found that there are two ways to make a hat cake. You can either bake it in an oven-proof bowl, or use 1/2 of a ball-shaped pan. Or, you can carve down a 3 layer round cake. Since I own neither an ball-shaped pan or an oven-proof bowl, I opted to carve down a 3 layer cake.

At this point let me inform you that it is no where near easy to carve a 3 layer round cake (with a flat top!) into something that is shaped like a baseball hat. It takes a lot of guessing and hoping and re-reading of all the tutorials that you’ve already read 27 times.

In the end you get something that, if you imagine hard enough, kind of looks like a hat. Then, you mix together a bunch of leftover pieces of fondant and realize that it somehow turns into the same color green as the Oakland A’s rock for away games. And then you start to get excited for what could be…

Let's Go Oakland!

The creases were tricky. I'll tell you how to do that later...

Details are crucial!

My muse. ❤

Not too bad for the first try, right? There’s definitely some things that I’ll keep in mind for when I make this cake again on Friday. Notably – the bill. That’s one detail that would be best created out of gum paste to give it a bit more shape. Also, I need to make sure I attach the bill properly so that it doesn’t look too big for the hat. Definitely a lot of lessons learned, but a successful practice run overall!