On this day 20-some-odd years ago, one of my most favorite people in the world was born! Since the theme of his birthday this year (for me) is “interactive” I thought it’d be cool to make a semi-interactive birthday card. Meaning… I’ll make the card, and you guys can leave comments as ‘signatures.’ Sound good?? Ok, let’s get started (and please excuse the shitty font):


Putting last year's presents to good use...

In honor of your special day, I am listing 26 reasons why you deserve to have a fabulous birthday.

  1. You’re my best friend. And best friends should have great birthdays.
  2. You walk Lucy late at night when I’m to scared to go outside alone.
  3. You try all of my treats even though you’re not the biggest fan of sweets. (Hah! That rhymed!)
  4. You make really cool robot music!!
  5. You wrote the lyrics to “Looking Back,” and you actually meant them.
  6. You randomly buy me flowers, and they’re always the prettiest flowers!
  7. You always make sure that I get home safe.
  8. You cook dinner for me… on occasion.
  9. You have a knack for discovering the most amazing foods. (Hello, Mountain Man hot dog!)
  10. You have an iron-stomach & can eat nearly everything… except for 12 Hellfire Hot Wings from SmokeEaters. 🙂
  11. You downloaded Ke$ha’s album before I even asked for it.
  12. You enjoy, or at least pretend to enjoy, all my cooking & Project Runway-esque shows.
  13. I came home from Grandpa’s memorial service to a clean house & a big hug.
  14. You find the humor in every part of the day.
  15. You constantly show, and remind, me that patience is a virtue.
  16. You take time to enjoy life, and find the fun in every situation.
  17. You are the best appliance-hurdler ever.
  18. You are the greatest friend to so many people (not just me), and I see, daily,  how good of a friend you are!
  19. You are the biggest supporter & encourager of anyone I’ve ever known.
  20. You call people out when they’re out of line, and you accept the same criticism when you do the same.
  21. You go above & beyond the call of duty every single day to make sure that I am happy & taken care of.
  22. You introduced me to the goodness that is ice-cold sparkling water.
  23. You give me all of your olives.
  24. You go along with all my Secret Squirrel missions and wildly outrageous ideas. (Ahem, pre-gaming before bottomless Mimosa brunch…)
  25. You are the best cuddler. (Sorry, Lucy!)
  26. You were too hungover to really enjoy last year’s birthday. 🙂

Happy Birthday Lover! Hope you have a great day!