I’ve been baking off and on my entire life. In fact, most of you don’t know, but I used to bake cookies in order to get out of having to go outside and help my Dad with chores. 🙂 Over the last few years I’ve gotten more and more serious about baking and decorating cakes, and in the last year I’ve gotten more serious about chocolate. People have asked me to make things for them, and I’ve gotten a positive response. I have taken some classes, and gotten more positive responses…

Combine that with the fact that I’ve also had this dream of owning my own business. Growing up in a family where Mom & Dad had their own gig was really inspiring to me, and after working for others for 10 years I’ve decided that I really really want to work for myself someday. I absolutely understand its difficult, but if I didn’t like a challenge then I wouldn’t be me.

So I’ll go ahead and let the cat out of the bag and confirm what most of you are probably thinking — I’m starting my business!

OmNom Treats is one of my entrepreneurial visions and I’ve been doing a lot of research in order to get this girl off of the ground. I’ve found a health-certified kitchen to work from, and am in the process of filing all of the legal requirements to have a legitimate business. I’m also slowly learning concepts of SEO, web design, and marketing too… :-/

OmNom Treats isn’t my primary source of income (yet). I plan to run OmNom Treats part time until I can save up the money to go to pastry school. Once fully educated on all that is pastry, I will relaunch and continue my dream as a full time Pastry Chef and Chocolatier serving, hopefully, the SF Bay Area.

So, that said, welcome to OmNom Treats! I truly appreciate all of the support and encouragement from all of you. Please keep checking back often, and feel free to spread the word!


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